Please have a read of our most frequently asked questions.

For any further queries please get in contact via email or using our contact form.

As a student, do I need to create an account to look for teachers?

No. Our site works as non-subscription search page for schools and teachers in your area.

Do I need to pay a commission for every job request I get as a Qutor?

Our site is a free to use service for our Qutor’s – we do not charge any Qutor’s per student that they receive through our website.

Do we make payments via the website?

No. For ease of both our Qutor’s and students, we encourage both to make agreements between themselves.

Can we do our classes online via the website?

Our site does not cater to sharing of content or streaming between Qutor’s and students. However, most of our Qutor’s are able to teach via third party apps such as WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom.

Do I need to have a DBS to be a Qutor?

The Qutors website platform is a site used to advertise tutors and schools. As we are not a school or institution, we do not require our Qutors to be DBS verified. However, it is each persons responsibility to do their due diligence.