Mohammed Amirul Hoque

Mohammed Amirul Hoque


Current serving as head imam of east end Islamic centre. I endeavour to teach students about our beautiful religion. My main attribute is the ability to interactive in my teaching


  • Tajweed
  • quran recitation
  • fiqh
  • aqaid
  • tafsee and ahadith


  • 17 +
  • 11-16
  • 5-10

Genders taught

    • Male

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  1. Nadeem says:

    I have been studying with Ustadh Amirul I have found him to be very dedicated in Delivering Islamic information to me in the best form possible. His Quran recitation and understanding of tajweed is impeccable i would recommend all ages to learn from his vast knowledge

  2. Mohammed khan says:

    I am 44years of age I became a student last 4 months. I would highly recommend Brother Amirul Hoque. He was very understanding and experienced in teaching of all ages. I feel very comfortable with him and would recommend to all brothers . I am forever grateful to the Brother for giving me the time and being flexible has I work shift work.

  3. Nojmul says:

    My name is nojmul I have been studying with Ustashi Amirul I found him very good with teaching me Quran with correct pronunciation and also explaining in easy manner. His understanding of Islamic knowledge is very in depth hence i would recommend him to everyone

  4. Shanul Islam says:

    Salam, I have been using Ustad Amirul for about 8 months for both my son (8 years) and my Daughter (5 years). They have both excelled in their Arabic Studies. The one to one approach that Amirul gives is fantastic. The approach and techniques that Ustad uses is very good and I always gets good feedback from my children. My children have used previous Islamic institutions and haven’t made much progress until we started using Amirul. Alhamdulliah a good person at heart and also works with the children well, as he is able to understand and communicate well with the children, which is always important.

  5. Ahmed says:

    I highly recommend this teacher!
    He has been teaching me for some time now and has really helped me to make huge progress in Fiqh, Hadeeth, Tajweed and Tafseer.
    He is very proffesional, effective, really very kind and helpfull, motivating, with great sense of skills for all levels of practice: from beginners to advanced.

  6. Misbah says:

    Excellent Teacher, very proactive, friendly, flexible and supportive towards my son’s individual learning needs. Always on time.

  7. Waseem says:

    MashAllah, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Very calm and understanding towards all students and knows how to make a student a better learner.

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